My name is Stephan, I am the founder of Serene. I was born in France in 1974 and moved abroad when I was 19 years old. Life took me on many adventures since then: I studied Arabic in Cairo; worked as a fresco conservator in Florence, had a fulfilling career as a theater actor in Rome, lived in an ashram in Canada, ran a shamanic center in Peru. I lived in seven countries on three continents, speak fluently four languages and have some basic knowledge in four more. All these experiences have opened my mind and shaped my understanding of humanity.

At the age of 29, I traveled to Peru to meet a master healer. The work I did with him was so effective that I decided to begin an apprenticeship under his supervision. For the next seven years, I followed a traditional apprenticeship and became one of the main promoters of the Amazonian Medicine both in Europe and Russia. I then decided to leave that tradition to discover my own path and my own work. With this decision, a new process started which lasted another seven years.

I have been working with plants for fifteen years and holding seminars and retreats for over ten years. I have a very professional approach to my work and always do everything I can to help the people who come to me. I do my best to make their process as comfortable and easy as possible even when they are facing challenging experiences. 

My spiritual investigation included the study and practice of many different traditions: Amazonian shamanism, Taoism, Yoga, Martial Arts, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Western Tradition, Astrology… To me, they are all beautiful expressions of the same realizations revealed through history in different ways. They are all instruments for us to heal and realize who we are. The opening to Love, the liberation of the mind from fear and hatred, the realization of the divine or the healing process, do not belong exclusively to any specific tradition but are at the core of them all.
Besides the Amazonian Medicine, I have also studied several healing modalities that I incorporate in my work whenever needed.

What animates my life and work is the wish to share my love and care with the world, to do what I can to help make our society a little bit more harmonious so that our children may grow in a more peaceful world. 


“Healing is an Art through which we can realize Who we are and Open to Life.”


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