Sunzu’s disciples

One day, a group of Sunzu’s disciples decided to travel from their home town, Osaka, to the Himalayas to meet a famous master yogi they had heard about. They explained their project to Sunzu who blessed them and wished them a happy journey. They travelled for many...

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The Old Pang

The Old Pang was a famous zen teacher who lived a long long time ago. All his life he took care of his garden. Every day at dawn he would go in the garden and take away the wild herbs. He followed this routine for many decades, day after day, to shape his garden into...

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Al-Khayyam was sitting in a busy street, enjoying the freshness of the morning shade after a long long night of star gazing and wine drinking when the Vizir arrived, preceded by his guards, and followed by his court. As he passes by everyone bows down - everyone...

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