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Our retreats support your own process whether you are looking for healing or to deepen your spiritual path.

  • The groups are limited to 15/20 participants so that we can take care of each person individually and our programs are flexible enough to follow the organic process of each group.
  • All retreats include plant diet, yoga classes, group meditations, sharings, private meetings, individual treatments and healing ceremonies. The retreats include periods of silence to allow you to dive deeper into your process. Some will include extra activities which will be specified. No prior training is required.
  • Most retreats take place in natural locations: the Himalayan foot hills, a slovenian alpine valley, a fjord in Montenegro, the amazonian forest, a russian forest meadow… This way we can benefit from the energy of Nature to nurture our soul, heal our heart and open our mind.
  • The retreats last between 7 and 10 days. They are followed by two webinars to help you integrate the process into your life.

Here is the basic program of the retreats, some will include extra activities.
This schedule allows us to get into a certain rhythm. The groups being small we can always adapt the schedule to your needs, some day you may choose to get some more rest, another you may wish to work more.



Private meetings and treatments
Workshops and group activities

Healing ceremonies – at least 3 for each retreat
Evening Yoga
Group activities

We are here for you and everything is meant to allow you to open to a transformative experience in the most comfortable way possible. You will see how your experience will become clearer and deeper day after day. 

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