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Our retreats support your own process whether you are looking for healing or to deepen your spiritual path.

  • The groups are limited to 15/20 participants so that we can take care of each person individually and our programs are flexible enough to follow the organic process of each group.
  • All retreats include plant diet, yoga classes, group meditations, sharings, private meetings, individual treatments and healing ceremonies. The retreats include periods of silence to allow you to dive deeper into your process. Some will include extra activities which will be specified. No prior training is required.
  • Most retreats take place in natural locations: the Himalayan foot hills, a slovenian alpine valley, a fjord in Montenegro, the amazonian forest, a russian forest meadow… This way we can benefit from the energy of Nature to nurture our soul, heal our heart and open our mind.
  • The retreats last between 7 and 10 days. They are followed by two webinars to help you integrate the process into your life.

Here is the basic program of the retreats, some will include extra activities.
This schedule allows us to get into a certain rhythm. The groups being small we can always adapt the schedule to your needs, some day you may choose to get some more rest, another you may wish to work more.



Private meetings and treatments
Workshops and group activities

Healing ceremonies – at least 3 for each retreat
Evening Yoga
Group activities

We are here for you and everything is meant to allow you to open to a transformative experience in the most comfortable way possible. You will see how your experience will become clearer and deeper day after day. 

Healing Retreat

Plant Medicine & Self-Knowledge

Evia Island, Greece

23rd till 29th of September 2018

The ultimate goal of healing is the recognition that Love is the essence of all manifestations.
To discover this gem is very simple, when we know where to look. This recognition is the first step into a new way of living, a constant deepening of Truth. It is obvious, to those who can see, that it is key to our well being as well as the well being all life on Earth.

Daily program
8am : yoga class
9am : breakfast
10:30am : work session (meditation, talk and sharing)
1pm : lunch
4pm : plant bath + plant medicine (Saint-John’s Wort & Linden tree)
5pm : work session (talk + group healing ceremony)
7pm : light dinner

This is our basic program. During the entire week, our time is dedicated to your process. We will be available at any time for private meetings and treatments. Here are some activities that we will offer during the retreat:
• Stephan will be available every afternoon for private meetings
• We will also organize a couple of short hikes and work sessions in nature
• Short periods of silence so that you can connect deeper to the process
• Workshops
  how to make a perfume, a cream, a balm
  how to make a plant bath
  how to use them for healing purposes
  basic practices for self-healing
• Extra yoga classes and healing work in the evenings

Here are some of the themes we will explore during the meditations:
Connecting to your plant
Opening to Presence
The loving nature of reality
Diving into your heart
Breathing Infinity
Reality as pure consciousness
Who am I!?

And the main topics we will address during the talks:
The process of the plant diet (part 1 & 2)
The shamanic cosmology & beyond
Spiritual shamanism
The Healing process
The structures of the mind
Non-dual reality & Self-realization
Knowledge vs believes
The core of the Traditions
No where to go!? Investigating Reality
Awakening: the opening to Life
How to integrate the process in your daily life

This program has been created to support your process. We want to give you as much as we can but you are free to skip some activities if you need some rest or prefer to be alone. The hiking trips will be short and accessible to everyone. More than a fitness activity, they are an opportunity for you to spend time in nature and get out of the “work space”. The yoga classes are designed to be accessible to all levels, yet interesting for regular practitioners. If you are not meditating three hours a day… yet… don’t worry! Stephan’s guidance will allow you to sit for a fair amount of time without noticing it.
We will do a lot of work in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
No prior training is required for any of the activities we offer.

What to expect?
Healing goes far beyond the frame of a retreat, hopefully this work will open a window into a new understanding of Reality and trigger the beginning of a new process in your life. This process answers your intentions. The goal of this healing retreat is to support your own process wherever you are at, and help you to become independent so that you can discover your own way and become a creative expression of Truth.
Here are some experiences you can expect during the retreat:
opening of your inner clarity
regained sense of confidence & purpose
opening to the non-dual understanding of Reality
new perspectives on the spiritual life and Self-knowledge
opening of your sense of care, your Love and Joy
a new understanding of the healing work
a new way to work with energies
creation of a personal daily routine
new realizations and insights

This process doesn’t look like anything else, only by experiencing it will you realize how effective and unique it is. To put it in the most simple way, this work clears our mental and emotional patterns so that we can open to our natural way of being.


What to bring
Walking shoes
A meditation cushion if you need one
Comfortable clothing
Flash light


Evia Silence
is a beautiful retreat center two hours and a half from Athens airport, tucked away in the mountains of Evia and overlooking the Porto Buffalo bay with its crystal clear waters. The staff of Evia Silence is passionate about providing their guests with an unforgettable experience.

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