We can address single questions with a one time meeting or engage together in a longer healing process.

During the session, we will take time to explore the issue you are facing; then we will use several tools to find the most appropriate way to solve it. These tools include astrological reading; psychic reading; meditations; coaching and shamanic healing. I will share with you what I see and lead you through a process so that you can find your own clarity. It is always better for you to find your own answers than to be told what to do. I will also prescribe you some plants to drink or stones to work with. Finally, I will share with you some simple tools for you to use.

You can start with a single session and if you then wish to follow a longer process we will set a program together.

To contact me use the form below with a short description of your question or issue and we will book a time to meet. Please, add your birth data in your message:

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Once we have made an appointment, send your contribution with the donate button below and you are all set.

Whatever challenge you may be facing, there is a way to overcome it. My job is to support you in this process.

Looking forward to meeting you! 


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