One day, a group of Sunzu’s disciples decided to travel from their home town, Osaka, to the Himalayas to meet a famous master yogi they had heard about. They explained their project to Sunzu who blessed them and wished them a happy journey.
They travelled for many weeks and looked for the yogi for many more weeks. There was no internet at the time, no Google search nor Youtube channels to find the latest trends on the spiritual market… the spiritual quest was a long and tedious business.
Finally, they found the great yogi, who was just called Yogi. Yogi was very happy to receive them, he invited them to sit with him and, as it was lunch time, they shared a delicious curry prepared by a lady from the neighboring village. Once Yogi’s stomach was replenished, he poured some tea for everyone and ask them where they were from and what was the purpose of their visit.
“We come from Osaka. We are disciples of a zen master called Sunzu and we want to study with you.”
Yogi opened his arms so wide that he almost bumped into the walls of his cave:
“Oh! Sunzu!! How lucky are you to have such a generous master! I have been dreaming of him for years. He has actually been teaching me in my dreams for a very long time. Would you be so kind to take me to him!?”