“This work gave me access to an inner space of Love and  Peace.

Now it is always with me, like a magic box I can open at any time.”

– Anna Kotsova –

When I first met Stephan it felt like entering into a very pure and gentle space where people were smiling and communicating without words. In that space everyone revealed their true personality, the masks were unnecessary. 

At some point, all my illusions, fears, anger and hatred broke into pieces. There was no need to hold on to anything anymore. Blinded by these illusions, I had been trying to avoid reality for years, I wasn’t living but playing a game. As they vanished  I finally understood what I truly want. After this break through, I started to  experience less fear, to be more independent, to let go of shame and regret. Now I feel more balanced, I know what I want, I am more patient and more caring, and I began to love myself. There is more acceptance, calm and joy, I know that something is gently guiding me.

This work is very useful for people who feel lost in their lives, who feel stuck, confused, don’t know what they want, people who don’t know how to love themselves. They will discover that Life can be simple and easy.

Stephan, I don’t know how but you definitely helped me. Thank you!

With endless love and respect!

Marina Lisitsa - Moscow, Russia.

In Stephan I found a fellow human being, a friend, this is very important for me.

If we talk about personal changes, then, looking back, I can confidently say that the most important skill I have acquired is the ability to relax at any time. I can let go of fears or racing thoughts and experience the absolute silence, a caring space which allows you to breathe. This work brought into my life a number of personal tools that work.

My relationship with Stephan is not that of  a super-shaman/patient, or guru/disciple relationship, we share a common path – the path of the seekers – with its mistakes and discoveries, for a common goal : to live in harmony with oneself and the surrounding reality.

Stephan courageously holds the responsibility to remind us of the path, and to help us to focus and adjust.

Sergey Lisupa - Moscow, Russia

The treatment lasted one week. It was very soft and opened many new sensations and insights. Stephan’s explanations made the process very clear.

I became more honest with myself. I feel the light within me and my perception of the world has become brighter. I was in despair and couldn’t find my way, now everything is on track again.  Everything is opening again in my life. I had been trying to sell my car for four months without success, and I finally sold it a day after the end of the treatment. After months of professional struggles, I also had a meeting with someone who is interested to finance my project.

I am very grateful for what Stephan shared with me.

Ksenia Veselova - Moscow, Russia.

I have a health condition similar to a mild multiple sclerosis. When I met Stephan the primary symptom I had been facing for a couple of years, was a sense of brain ‘melt-down’ – over-fatigued brain, finding it more and more difficult to concentrate and make decisions. If the brain were a muscle, the feeling was that it had run a marathon, and the slightest exertion was too much.

When Stephan ‘opened the Plant Diet’, using a combination of meditation, chanting and blowing smoke – I was shocked by the result. Within 5 minutes it was like my brain had been switched on again – and at the same time I found myself in a state of extreme alertness and presence, as if I was at the end of a 10-day meditation retreat. During the 6 days retreat, one of the key learnings was to listen to the more subtle needs of my body, rather than ignore them or override them with “what needs doing”.

Since that retreat 4½ years ago, my brain hasn’t maintained that hightened level of alertness, but it remains ‘switched on’ – it has never returned to how it was previously.

During that first work with Stephan – and I have gone back for more! – something that really struck me was his level of presence, clarity, love and wisdom. Here was someone I could trust completely – and all his observations and perceptions were always spot on. Over 30 years I have studied with many extraordinary spiritual teachers and healers, but I had never come across such a powerful combination of qualities in someone so young – well above his years!

Mick Tomlinson - England.

When I met Stephan, I felt stuck in my life. I had a heartbreaking relationship, I didn’t know how to create the life of my dreams and which project to direct my energy into. I wanted to find clarity, peace and open up to love.

I must say that both retreats were quite intense for me in a very good way. It was challenging to see all my conditionings coming up to the surface. But I knew that the only way to free myself was to see all the fears, doubts, childhood traumas, accept, forgive and let go with love and care. I really enjoyed the way we worked with feelings and emotions. It made me realize how the mind creates stories around simple energy movements in the body.  By observing these sensations without any judgment, and allowing them to flow, the mind becomes quiet and all the stories dissolve. That’s where I find peace and relaxation.
The Plant Diet is a very interesting process. During the retreats, I meditated every morning to connect to the plant, and the plant did its work during the day giving me new answers. There was always a strong feeling of support from the plant, it gave me courage and trust to dive deeper into the process.

The two retreats I attended were definitely very transformative for me. I feel like I finally opened up to Life. Probably the biggest realization was that I am Life itself in all its diversity. I am more clear about what I want to create for myself and others. I am more aware of my needs and I can stand for them. People’s opinions don’t affect my point of view anymore. I am honest and true with myself and others. I care more about myself and others. Some of the deepest wounds are still alive, but I notice them faster when they awaken and don’t get stuck into these patterns anymore. Every time I see them, they dissolve layer by layer. I feel more joy and peace. And the most beautiful thing is that I am opening to Love more and more.

I was surprised that the use of such simple tools could help me shift to so much joy, love, and peace within 6 months! It’s really incredible!

I want to give my gratitude to Stephane for his presence, open heart, love, and care! He is the most authentic human being I’ve ever met and has a great sense of humor. I like that he doesn’t give himself any title of master, guru or teacher. He is a human being sharing his love and life experience with other human beings. I am very happy to be his friend!

Kristina Bock - N.Y, USA.

I did a webinar, a couple of years ago, and also translated some of Stephan’s texts which gave me a glimpse into something very familiar and very real – a space of Love and Peace. The webinar was a proof that this space of Love and Peace is real. And it’s always here, within me. Sometimes we just need something or someone to help us get there… that’s what Stephan’s work is all about – helping people to connect to that space within, opening the door and guiding them safely and gently into the inner world. The discoveries you make once you get there are always different – they may be extatic or unpleasant, but the essence of it – the sense of Love and Peace – is always present.

I was 8 months pregnant when I did the webinar and I was getting ready to give birth at home. The deep sense of Peace, Love, trust and connection to my innerself that I got from this webinar was the best that I could ever do to get ready for the birth of my child. I held it inside me for the rest of my pregnancy, through the birth process, after the birth.. and I still have it with me – like a magic box.. that is always here for me and ready to be open whenever I need it, to release any kind of anxiety, fear or pain and to get back to my natural state of Being – which is Love and Peace.

I always enjoy the clarity and honesty of Stephan’s messages and appreciate so much his availability and willingness to provide help and support at any time.

The warm and friendly atmosphere created at his events makes any process of learning/ healing/ exploring very soft, natural and pleasant. He uses unique tools and techniques that make it possible to heal and explore in a kind, safe and gentle way.

I’m very grateful for every encounter with Stephan that led me to many insights and brought more clarity, joy and peace. I feel that I’m becoming more human, more open, more caring and compassionate.. more ‘me’ in some way.

Thank You!:)

Anna Kotsova - Calgary, Canada.

When I came  to the seminar with Stephan in September 2014, I was in despair. At 53 years old I had just lost my job and I was coming out of a painful relationship.

The retreat was held in the forest, the organizers had created a beautiful camp for us. It was fabulous, the fresh air, the sun, the scent of the flowers! And most importantly – there was silence!!! The process led us into a state of complete harmony and we spent one week in a state of peace.

The evenings were truly magical. We all gathered around the camp fire in meditation and, as Stephan was singing, he opened us to the most amazing experiences. The senses and feelings sharpened and our perception opened. Reality seemed like ripples on the surface of water, alive, visible and elusive. We were completely immersed into presence, here and now!

After the retreat, Stephan always kept in touch with us. He was always available on Skype when we needed, supported us and clarified all issues.

And now, a year and a half after the retreat, so much has changed in my life. My inner world has undergone significant changes many of which are very subtle. Since the retreat I am full of hope, healthy, filled with energy and love for the world!

I also experienced a profound physical healing. I used to have colds and chronic bronchitis that tortured me. Because of arthritis, I could hardly make one step. Now I can easily walk five kilometers per day and I never had any physical issue since the retreat.

I’m very grateful for the retreat and for the events that followed.

We all need time off to analyze our life from time to time, find a space where we can open and radiate love, understand what we really value and what is the right path for our life. When you meet a man like Stephan he can help you understand who you are and what your path is.

We all love Stephan for believing in our strength, for his selfless support, his empathy and strong vulnerability. He is a fearless man with selfless dedication.

Tatiana Netserova - Alicante, Spain.

I have been working with Stephan since 2014. When we first met, I instantly knew that this work was an authentic path and that it would help me transform my life. At that time, I was standing at a crossroad.

Stephan opens a workspace in which we can see and release painful emotions, conditionings, and attachments. As a result, the mental structures gradually melt and an incredible peace manifests. We gradually open to a sacred space and nothing can disturb us anymore, we dive deeper and deeper into a real sense of happiness. Stephan makes this challenging process very smooth and comfortable.

This process has changed my life. I became calmer, my mind became more pure, thoughts gradually transformed, whole layers of disturbing emotions and artificial structures have disappeared. They have been replaced by more silence inside and outside, and a different understanding of Life.

This practice has revealed to me a space that allows transformation to happen. When this space of “silent knowledge” opens we see the true nature of all phenomena.

Victor Chang - Goa, India.

Meeting with Stephan has shifted my life. I spent over a year of intense immersion in the magical world of plants. The interaction with these energies has transformed my perception of the world. My consciousness has expanded and, since then, every single event makes it expand wider and wider.

When I look at the sky, the stars, the moon… I experience them as myself, the sense of separation has vanished. This perception of the world is not based on an intellectual understanding as before, it is a direct physical perception of Reality as it is, with no separation.

For me this is Self-Realization. This new way of being is now the background of my existence. I have access to the Source of Love at anytime and anywhere. I am eternally grateful for this experience.

Larisa Lobasheva - Moscow, Russia.

Life has been pretty challenging lately and the instruments Stephan shared with us during the retreat have been extremely useful to keep me on track. I believe things would have been way more difficult without the knowledge I discovered during the retreat.

Shmuel Randor - Rosh Pina, Israel.

Stephan, sharing your invaluable knowledge and your powerful instruments on the plant diet in a respectful and grounded way was a great match with your soft, adaptable and yet imposing way. Being able to live your life in a loving, laughing and honorable way besides setting a great example proves the power of the diet and yours as well. I’m truly thankful.

Spyros Athanasopoulos - Athens, Greece.

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